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There is currently one casual vacancy for the position of Councillor. Please contact the clerk for further information.

The website dedicated to the bypass can  be found at
This contains the 3 key actions  together with simple links for people to make their representations.

Our website serves the Parish of Caldecott and has two main aims:

  • to allow Parish Council documents and information to be distributed and available for everyone to access;
  • to engage you with the activities of your Parish Council and encourage your input and participation in Parish Council matters.

The website is run by Caldecott Parish Council for the residents of the Parish.  It aims to offer a helpful and easy-to-access information resource for all.

We hope you find the website easy to use and that it helps you to keep connected with what is happening in our Parish.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions about how we might improve the website.

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